HL Handles

With our wide range of HL Handles you have a large selection of styles to choose from, so yo can ensure a perfect match with your doors!

They are suitable for commercial projects and residential homes. 

Lever Handles

Characterized by long plates and comfortable levers, our Lever Handles will give your home a stylish and supreme touch!

Used usually in residential homes, they are perfect also for high end commercial projects.

Coloured Handles

Personalize your home or your project with our range of Coloured Handles.

They will give your doors an amazing touch with top quality! 

Sliding-Pocket Handles

When space is tight and you need a sliding or a pocket door use our Sliding-Pocket Handles for your comfort! 

We offer different solutions, just choose the one that’s best for you.

External Door Handles

Complete your external entrance door with our range of high quality and durable handles!

We offer center knobs, pull handles and much more to let you personalize your front door.

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Front Door Locks

For your front door we offer digital locks, multi-lock systems and mach more.

Just choose what you need to secure your home!

Internal Door Locks

For your internal doors we supply Euro Cylinder Lock Systems and Standard Lever Mechanisms.

For double doors we offer Flush Bolts and top quality Roller Bolt Catches. 

Sliding-Pocket Locks

If space is tight and you choose a sliding or a pocket door then use our Sliding-Pocket Locks!

They all come in high quality and long durability. 

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We have a comprehensive range of hinges with different sizes and colours.

Just choose what is suitable for you!


Accessories are fundamental to complete and to personalize your doors.

We offer a wide range of accessories but if you cannot find what you are looking for just get in touch with us!

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